Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 Favourites ♥

Hi everyone!
This evening I'm bringing you my 2013 favourites! I've only done a couple of monthly favourites this year because I usually forget to do them or I just don't have 'favourites' of a month. My aim for next year is to have a favourites post every month as I want to start using lots more things and discovering new and old products which I enjoy using. I will be talking you through products I have loved in 2013 and have used lots and lots and will hopefully continue to love just as much during the new year!

Lush Buche De Noel & Angels on Bare Skin Cleansers - I thought I'd try Angels on Bare Skin cleanser again back in early Summer and I loved it! It's full of natural ingredients great for your skin and it doesn't leave my face feeling tight or dry, it just cleans it really well. In October I picked up the limited edition Buche De Noel which is basically the same but more conditioning/hydrating for the skin, when my pot is out I will be buying AOBS again though. Definitely one of my best skincare finds of the year.

Origins Ginzing Moisturiser - After not giving it much thought when the initial hype went round when this moisturiser from Origins was released, I ended up trying a sample sachet as I was trying all different moisturisers out at the time. When I finished my sample I knew I had to get this so I did! This has become my holy grail moisturiser as not only is the scent so tantalising and awakening in the morning it's gel bases which my skin needs, it sinks in really quickly and leaves my skin so soft. It also lasts for ages, I've used it every single day and I've still got just under half the tub left! I'm so happy I found this moisturiser!

EOS Lip Balm 'Strawberry Sorbet' - I finally tried an EOS lip balm in March! I got this from Harvey Nichols when I was shopping one day and well, I really like it! I'm not going to say it's an outstanding lip balm you must try but I find it gives just the right amount of moisture and it doesn't feel greasy. I think many people are disappointed in the UK when they finally try one as they're so talked about but I think one of the main reasons they are so talked about in America is purely because they're cheap and really easy to find! I recently picked up another flavour to try too so that proves how much I like it!

Bath and Body Works 'Be Enchanted' Triple Moisture Body Cream - I can't remember if I bought this this year or at the end of last year but either way when Autumn arrived this year I began applying this nearly everyday! This is very moisturising but the thing I love most is the scent and I really want to try some more products in 'Be Enchanted'! I buy my bath and body works products from *here*

Umberto Giannini Pure Beauty Shampoo (not pictured) - I've been using this shampoo for at least half of this year and it's definitely my favourite. It doesn't do anything particular special but it leave my hair so soft, smooth and controllable and it just feels so so clean!

MAC Lustre Lipsticks (not pictured) - OK so technically not one product but back in April I bought my first lustre finish lipstick from Mac, you can find the review *here* and ever since then it has fast become my favourite formula. I've gone on to buy another and I also got one for Christmas so yes, you could say I like them a lot! They're quite sheer but buildable and are really glossy and lightweight and the three shades I have are gorgeous.

Seche Vite Topcoat - I've been using this much raved about topcoat since around February and I'm sure it made it in to one of my few monthly favourites! Some love it and some hate it but I really enjoyed using it until my bottle became gloopy. It does exactly what it's supposed to do - dries insanely hard (and rock hard at that!) and left my nails super glossy and chip free. I got a new OPI topcoat for Christmas instead of Seche Vite as the downside is it contains one of the bad chemicals (forgot the name, beginning with T?) so thought I'd try another but yes, I really really did like how this worked.

Models Own Pastels - (Ignore the neon pink - I liked it to but I didn't mean to include a picture of it OOPS) I loved the Spring Fruit Pastels collection Models Own released, in fact they were my very first blog post which you can view *here* they are such pretty milky pastels which I can't wait to wear again come Spring.

Barry M Gelly Paints - Another Spring/Summer love were the Barry M Gelly paints! I did a post *here* on them. I have two lovely colours and they had a nice formula and dried oh so shiny!

Essie and OPI (not pictured) - Some more expensive polish loves since the start of Autumn were Essie and OPI! I love the formula's of both brands and Essie in particular their wide brush. I can't wait to add more in the new year.

Nicole by OPI 'Tip of the iceberg' - This was my only topcoat glitter until November and this was usually on top of a cream finish polish throughout most of the year! Just a simple silver glitter which I found myself wearing a lot.

So there we have what I've loved this year! I'm hoping, as I said at the start of the post, to be using more things all the time so I can do monthly favourites because I really enjoy reading them on blogs. 

Let me know what you have loved this year!


Saturday, 28 December 2013

What I got for Christmas 2013!

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas if you celebrate it and got lovely presents and had a great day with whoever you celebrated with! I had a good day and got some amazing presents which I am going to be showing you today as when I asked on twitter last week if you like reading these posts there was a resounding yes! I also enjoy seeing what other people got so if you have done a similar post leave the link below :) Of course, also as a *disclaimer* I'm not bragging and I'm so grateful for everything I got so without further ado onto what I received...

My Main Present

My mum and dad are divorced so I get separate presents and my dad usually gets me one big thing and then some smaller bits. This year I decided I would quite like a bag, when I saw this one! DKNY was never somewhere I would think to look but I was walking by and saw this bag and fell in love! I am really into cream lately so loved the colour and it is so simple yet pretty and it's the perfect size for me. It has a few different pockets and it can be worn as a cross body or the chain can be pulled through so you can have it over your shoulder. It feels such good quality and it is so soft, I LOVE it and can't wait to use it more.
The Beauty Bits

From these bits, my dad got me the pretty box from 'Miss Patisserie' in the left hand corner which has lovely smelling bath bombs, the PINK body spray collection (I love PINK and there scents are lovely!), the VS body lotion (but this was free with a perfume he bought) and the Chanel lipstick which I will definitely be reviewing. My Nan got me the Nails Inc magnetic polish and OPI hand cream set, my little sister got me the light pink OPI and my best friend got me the dark pink OPI! Then my mum got me everything else.

My mum also got me a wire card holder which matches my room well which I really like and the Hollister top which is like a thin sweatshirt but it's lace all over the front (FYI, I like Hollister because they do have nice things and they are soft and good quality, I don't like the gaudy overly branded stuff!) and a plain white hoody which yes says Hollister but I liked it, soo cosy! (and not pictured because I was wearing it when I took the pictures haha) From my other nan and grandad I asked for something to go in my bag...a gorgeous Ted Baker purse in the pale pink colour! Ahh I love this, it's the smaller size but is perfect for me. The gloves and watch were from other family members.
~ ~ ~
So that is what I got this year, as well as loads of sweets and chocolate which I'm currently working through! I love everything I got and am so grateful to everyone who got me stuff :) I wasn't really sure how to set this out so hopefully this was ok and you enjoyed reading. I would love to know what you got or how you spent the day so do please let me know and also on Christmas Eve I reached 300 bloglovin' followers!! Wow! Thank you to ALL of you!


Monday, 23 December 2013

Top 5 Glitter Nail Polishes

Evening everyone ♥
TWO DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! :O (or not really 2 since it's 8pm!) I am quite excited, but not feeling totally festive, I'm not sure why! It seems that as every year goes by, my excitement sets in later and later. This evening I will be showing you my top 5 glitter polishes, because we all know how much I love glitter anything nail varnish! I wear glitter all year round be it on every finger or an accent nail but Christmas time seems to be when the majority are sporting it in some way, so if you will be on the big day or at any party's or even on NYE, look no further!
Onto my favourites...
(I've just realised as I'm writing this the last two are the wrong way round, oops, sorry!)

Models Own 'Juicy Jules' £5: This is probably my least used out of the bunch shown, but it is so pretty! It's a silver glitter with tiny multi coloured glitter specks throughout. This in my opinion is the perfect polish for new years eve! 

Bourjois 1 Seconde ' 14' £5.99: Ahh so pretty! This is a lilac with multi coloured specks. This looks lovely as a accent nail with lilac. I want to try more from this particular range because the brush is amazing!

Essie 'Set in Stones' £7.99: I haven't had this for long and I really don't own many 'topcoat' glitters but this is one of my absolute favourites and I will be buying a back up bottle as it's limited edition. This is different sized and shaped silver glitters in a clear base and you can build it to be as intense as you want. This looks great over any colour and I cannot wait until I layer it over pastels in spring! read more about this polish *HERE*

Models Own 'Pink Fizz' £5: This is likely to be my used nail varnish! I love the pretty rosy gold colour and it is opaque. I just love this colour, I really have nothing more to say!

OPI 'My Favourite Ornament' from the Mariah Carey Christmas '13 collection £11.50: I really like this years Christmas OPI offering and have a few of the shades. This is very 'understated' and has a good, opaque formula. This is very similar to Essie Beyond Cosy from their Winter 2012 collection, so if you missed out make sure to grab this before it's gone!

So, there we have the glitters I would be most likely found wearing! This will be my last post before Christmas, apart from a scheduled one on Christmas day, so I wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope you all have a fabulous day! It looks like I will be doing a 'what I got for Christmas' post since I asked on twitter and there was a resounding yes! I'm shopping tomorrow with my best friend because we always go to the same place every school holidays so hopefully it won't be too packed with last minute shoppers! Talking of last minute, I still need to wrap every ones presents so on that note, hope you enjoyed reading!


Saturday, 14 December 2013

Winter Skin Survival Guide

Hi Everyone! How are you all? I'm really excited to write this post as I've been planning it for a while as it's pretty long but I hope it will be helpful to some of you and maybe give you some ideas of products to check out! Today, because now we are firmly into December, I'm going to be doing a head to toe guide of how to keep your whole body hydrated during the long, cold Winter months. I've broken into down into sections and hopefully I have covered everything!


Exfoliation: I love Lush lip scrubs (£5.50), in fact I have three! These are great if your lips are feeling extra dry as they remove all the dead skin making your lips very smooth, not to mention they all smell and taste great! You can also make a DIY lip scrub using some kitchen ingredients but there will be a post coming on that soon... 

Balms: OK, so I actually don't have many heavy duty balms but I've put a few down on my Christmas list so for the time being I am using Carmex Strawberry Tube (£2.69) and Blistex Relief Cream (£2.59) if my lips need rescuing. For day to day top ups my favourite is EOS Strawberry Sorbet (£5.99) as it doesn't make my lips feel slippery or greasy as it's quite a 'hard' balm if that makes sense? It's fairly moisturising and protects my lips when I'm out and about.


Cuticles: Keeping your cuticles moisturised is often over looked but even though you may not be able to feel them feeling dry, they do definitely look it! It's also important if you are a nail polish addict like me haha. Two favourites are Lush Lemony Flutter (£6) which is a thick balm which can also be used on elbows, knees etc so a good all rounder. Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Butter (£6) is not as thick as the previous balm so sinks in quicker and is more of a quick fix.

Hand Cream: I have quite a few hand creams however the two pictures are Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream (£6) which definitely is 'super moisturising' this is the most heavy duty one I own and would be great if your suffer with dry hands. TBS Almond Hand & Nail Cream (£5) has a nice scent and is lighter so sinks in quicker but is still hydrating, a good in between if you don't want dry hands but you don't have awfully cracked and dry hands. Special mention to OPI Avojuice (£2.10) because they all smell delicious and make your hands so soft, the little bottles are perfect to carry around and I love mine in 'Vanilla Snowflake'!

Foot Cream: Of course, most just use a body cream to put on their feet but if you like specific foot creams, a good one (well, it must be as it's the only one I have!) is Soap and Glory Heel Genius (£5.50) which when put on before bed leaves me with silky soft feet.

Shower Gel

All three pictured are my most moisturising shower gels so perfect for keeping you extra hydrated. Philosophy Christmas Cookie (£14) is not available in this huge bottle this year but there are plenty of other scents, Philosophy shower gels have my favourite formula, they are super creamy and luxurious feeling so leave you moisturised before you've moisturised! A more budget friendly option is TBS Shea Shower Cream (£4) which containing lots of shea butter is as you can imagine, very beneficial for winter skin! It's a little thin but still works great. Finally, a shower butter in the form of Soap and Glory Whipped Clean (£8) which has a delicious pistachio, almond and vanilla scent. It's thick and looks like a body lotion and you only need a tiny amount.

Body Scrubs & Lotions

Scrub: Only one to show here, which is Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub (£9) which smells delicious - just like maple syrup. It's a thick grainy scrub which is one of the best at buffing away dry skin all over, just remember not to eat it! I also like Soap and Glory Pulp Friction (£7) for more regular use or if you want something not as hardcore. Lush do great ones two called 'body butters' such as Buffy and You Snap the Whip which are messy but great if your a lush fan (YSTW smells like black currant too!)

Moisturiser: Ahh, the penultimate point in any winter skin survival guide - BODY LOTION/CREAM! My two current favourites are Soap and Glory Smoothie Star (£10) which again, smells just edible, it sinks in really quickly and well, I couldn't be without it. Next, Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted Triple Moisture Body Cream (£12) wow what a mouthful but seriously, I love this stuff! The scent is divine and this has got to be the most long lasting body lotion ever I can smell it 24 hours later! You can buy this from *HERE* if your in the UK.

 Well done if you've made it this far! I hope you enjoyed reading it and you may have noticed there is no mention of facial skincare, fear not I have a separate post coming up on it! Make sure to let me know in the comments what your Winter must haves are!


Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Christmas Tag

Hi Everyone and happy 1st December! How quickly has the year gone, wow! I cannot believe we are in the last month of the year and are now only a few weeks away from Christmas! I've been quite disorganised this year as I haven't started my christmas shopping for people and I haven't written my christmas list yet either because I have no clue idea what I want but I will have to get on and do it soon as my whole family keep asking what I want! (So, if you have any gift guides please link me up!) Today I was tagged by my friend Alex to do 'The Christmas Tag' which was created by Rebecca at Flores Y Moda so what better way to kick off December?

♥ ♥ ♥

1. What is your favourite Christmas song?
I love all of the classics you always hear on the radio or on music channels around this time of the year! Some of my favourites are Merry Christmas Everybody (Slade), Step into Christmas (Elton John), Merry Christmas Everyone (Shakin' Stevens) and of course All I want for Christmas is you (Mariah Carey)

2. Which is your favourite Christmas drink?
I'd love to name a Starbucks/Costa drink but I haven't had any of them yet! But I don't really like the sound of any apart from the chocolately ones anyway so I'm just sticking to Hot Chocolate, with lots of marshmallows on top.

3. What is your favourite Christmas film?
I'm not that big on films to be honest and this is the time I'm going to admit I've never watched Elf *gasp* but it's top of my list to watch! So, I actually don't have a favourite so I'm making it my mission to watch as many christmas films as possible in the next few weeks!

4. What is at the top of your Christmas wish-list this year?
I literally have no idea what I want this year as I mentioned at the top, I'm all over the place and constantly changing my mind! My dad usually gets me something 'big' which I want and this year I really really really love a bag I saw at Selfridges from DKNY, it's an ivory quilted cross body but you can change the strap to have it as a cross body or over the shoulder, it's seriously my perfect bag but I don't think I will be getting it because he thinks 'I don't need it'. That is the only thing really at the top of my list, well it is called a 'wish' list!

5. What is your favourite festive makeup or nail art look?
I love berry and red lips for the festive season. My current favourite lipstick is Mac Plumful so I think I'll be wearing that come Christmas day. I really want to do lots of Christmas themed posts this month and I'm sure there will be many nail art posts! I of course love very glittery nails at Christmas too!

6. What is your favourite outfit at Christmas time? (LBD? Christmas Jumpers? PJ's?)
I don't really have a favourite thing to wear I just usually wear whatever I am liking at the time. This year I think I will be wearing jeans, boots and a festive (but not ugly!) jumper, there's one I want from New Look so I think I may buy it later for my Christmas day jumper!

7. Would you rather play out in the snow or enjoy it from inside with the fire and a cuppa?
Hm...Both. It's fun to play in it for a while (I kind of have to because my sister makes me go outside with her) but after the initial 'omg snow!' feeling wears off and it becomes really cold out there and it begins getting mushed up and brown I head inside to have a hot drink and admire it from inside (with angry bangs on the window from my sister)

8. Wrapping presents - love or loathe?
I quite like wrapping presents, it's quite fun haha! It doesn't take me too long because I don't have loads to wrap. I always put some Christmas music on to get into the mood as well.

9. What's your favourite Christmassy food?
Christmas dinner as a whole of course! But I love pigs in blankets so I always look forward to them as I only have them at Christmas.

10. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
The overall feel and atmosphere of the weeks leading up to it and then the actual day!

So those are my answers! I tag:


Monday, 25 November 2013

NOTD: Feeling Festive ft Chanel Rouge Rubis

Hi Everyone ♥
Today I have a NOTD to share with you which I am absoloutely loving! It's rather festive and is definitely helping me get into the Christmas spirit, I think my nails just scream Christmas!

I decided to try out my new nail varnish I got on Friday from Chanel's new collection. I saw this on Sophia's instagram and despite generally hating red I really liked it for some weird reason! The colour is 'Rouge Rubis' and is a true red which will suit any skin tone. I really love it and I will be using this loads, especially as it's my only bright red! I then couldn't resist adding a layer of my current favourite glitter topcoat Essie's 'Set in Stones' (post on it here) and finishing off with OPI 'It's frosty outside' liquid sand from the Mariah Carey Christmas collection on my ring finger.

What do you think? Let me know your favourite Winter polishes!


Thursday, 21 November 2013

NYX Megashine Lipgloss 'Beige'

Hi! hope you're having a nice evening (or night?) I thought I would write a review of a product I bought a few weeks back now as I really like it and this is the only post I can write with no 'preperation' at the moment! I've drafted around 10 blog posts which I need to take pictures for and write up and the majority are Winter/Christmas based so I'm really excited! I really hope you'll like them! I have a pretty long winded but hopefully enjoyable post coming up early next week which I'm planning to take pictures for tomorrow during a break between exams when I come home, I've had mock exams the past week and they continue until next Tuesday but only four more to go now, yay! Anyway, onto the post!

♥ ♥ ♥

If you're not already aware, NYX has recently started being sold in Next stores. I'm not store if it's going to be in every one or only 'larger' ones in bigger cities but if you're heading to Westfield white city anytime soon, they have a stand there! There wasn't loads and they didn't have the biggest selection but I purchased one thing, the very hyped 'megashine lipgloss', which I got in the shade Beige as it's the only one which appealed to me really but I've since found it is a very popular choice among beauty lovers!

Not sure if you can see but it has a pretty bow on the top!

The pictures make it appear a little brighter/pinker than it really is. It is definitely more of a muted light/medium pink which has no shimmer in. I think this colour is a great everyday colour which equally looks lovely on it's own or other a lipstick of a similar shade. I really love the formula of this - I know many are put off by lip gloss because they can be horribly sticky and uncomfortable to wear but this is definitely one of my favourite lip gloss formula's (along with Benefit ultra plush) as it doesn't feel heavy or sticky on the lips despite it being quite a pigmented colour (which unfortunately are the ones with the heavier formula's!) but equally doesn't wear off after a short while and is very smooth to apply. Admittedly, it's not the longest wearing lip gloss but it lasts an adequate amount of time. As far as glossiness goes this is certainly not an awful 'wet look' lip gloss as the name may suggest with 'mega shine' but it does give a gorgeous sheen to the lips which is noticeable but in no way over the top. The only negative I have is down to personal choice, but it does have quite a strong scent which reminds me of something but I can't think what. It's not a bad smell as it is very sweet but it is of course something to bare in mind, I have a feeling it might grow on me though.

Overall, I do really like this! I feel like it is a good price point for what it is and the attention to detail is very nice with the little bow on the top, very cute! I've tried a few things from NYX and have been impressed in the past and have a feeling I need to go and have a better look at their jumbo eye pencils (which are £5, btw) What do you think? What are your favourite NYX products?

RRP: £6 Next & NYX UX


Saturday, 16 November 2013

New Nail Polishes: Essie Luxe Effects & Nails Inc Foil

I'm soo excited to write this post because if you've been reading my blog for a while I'm sure you will know my obsession with nail polish! I recently went into Boots to see they were having a triple points event when you spent over £30. I wasn't planning to buy anything but I went to the Essie stand and I saw they had the Luxe collection!! I've been waiting for these to come to the UK forever so I knew I had to get some! As it was 3 for 2 I picked up one more and I also got a Nails Inc polish.

Essie Luxe Effects 'Set in Stones' and 'A Cut Above'

I've been wanting these forever after seeing them in youtube videos from people in America as they were released in 2011 so when I saw these in boots I got my two favourites. They are both the same finish with the same glitter sizes but Set in Stones is silver and A Cut Above is a rosy pink. These are intended for a topcoat and I think they personally look better with one layer rather than built up. There is hexagon and circle glitter in different sizes which is very unique and I really really love these!

Essie 'Bahama Mama'

As it was 3 for 2, I decided to get this for free as it's a pretty Autumn colour which lots of people have been wearing lately and I don't have anything like this! I wasn't sure how much I would like it but I've worn it already with 'Set in Stones' over the top.

Bahama Mama, Set in Stones, A Cut Above

Bahama Mama, Bahama Mama & Set in Stones

 Nails Inc Foil Effect 'Kings Road'
I saw these foil effect polishes in the Boots Christmas catalogue and instantly liked the look of this one. Despite usually not going for 'foil'/metallic polishes I just loved the shade and thought I'd treat myself as it's my first 'proper' Nails Inc. It's a champagne-y silver colour with pink undertones! I didn't like the formula that much but I think it's just because it has the foil finish which makes it quite streaky but the colour is lovely!

So, what do you think of my recent polish buys? What polishes have you been buying lately?


Monday, 4 November 2013

MAC Plumful Lipstick

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm showing my latest MAC lipstick purchase (well, for now anyway as I've ordered another from the MAC website!) which I believe is at this moment my favourite Autumn/Winter lipstick. You may have heard of this colour before because it's quite popular, especially around this time of year. It's called Plumful and is a lustre finish and it's a beautiful dark pink/plum colour.

If you haven't tried a lustre formula from mac I would urge you to do so - they are my favourite formula and I prefer them even to cremesheen! They are on the sheerer side but are still really pigmented and because they are sheerer they are really light on the lips so you can barely feel it! They do have some lovely subtle shimmer in them but this lipstick seems to be slightly more 'cremesheen' formula as it's quite a bit smoother to apply than my other lustre lipstick, Sweetie, *Review Here* 

So, the formula is wonderful with the only downside being the longevity, it tends to not last as long on the lips but I don't really mind as it fades evenly and leaves a subtle tint. The colour is gorgeous and the photos do not do it justice. It's a beautiful deep pink perfect for Autumn and Winter if you're not quite brave enough to wear a very dark lipstick. 

Overall, I am more than pleased with my latest MAC lipstick purchase and I will be wearing it all Winter (and spring, and summer) long! I will have quite a few Mac reviews coming up as I um, kind of seemed to place two orders, late last week and last night ;) so expect to see full reviews when I receive them (soon hopefully as I am getting impatient!)

What do you think, are you loving it as much as me? Ever tried a lustre finish before?


Thursday, 31 October 2013

Collective Haul: Fashion, Beauty & More!

Hello Everyone!
So...remember me? I have been so awfully 'not here' on my blog this past month. I've put up 3 posts only! Anyway, I'm feeling so inspired about blogging at the moment which is great! I think it's a mixture of the festivities and now that we're moving more into Winter, what's better than a cosy night in with candles burning, blogging away? nothing! Or...maybe shopping, as today I have a collective haul to share as it's just about the only pictures I have at the moment. Onto what I've bought lately...

From TKMaxx I found a beautiful purple and silver glitter polish called 'Can't be tamed' which was £4.99, I haven't ever tried Orly so I'm looking forward to using this. I also got a candle from Everyday Luxe called 'Frosted sugar cookie' which is a vanilla/bakery scent, it also has 3 wicks which I love (it burns down evenly!) At Westfield (I went with my best friend yesterday) I discovered a Yankee Candle shop! yes a shop! It was big and I was literally in candle heaven. I only got two things for myself - a 'Merry Marshmallow' tart and a medium jar candle in 'Snowflake Cookie' look at it. It's so pretty and it was the only one available so I knew it was a sign! I also got another nail polish from the OPI Mariah Carey Christmas collection in 'It's frosty outside' it's a liquid sand and is a gorgeous silver. I finally took the plunge and bought a MAC lipstick I've wanted for about a year - Plumful! There will be a review coming and without giving anything away I think it could be a new favourite lipstick!

I ordered this bag from ASOS as I've been wanting one in this style for a long time and I don't actually have many bags I use on a regular basis. I love the nude colour of it and despite the chain being slightly too long on me (I'm short) I still love it and it was a very reasonable price at £16 (I got it for £14 something as I found a 10% discount code) 
Okay, so I know not everyone is a fan of Juicy Couture but I love it! (well not all the stuff they do) and have wanted one of the tracksuit tops as I love the pretty designs they have. I didn't get the bottoms as I don't ever wear 'joggers' and I draw the line at a full tracksuit! But anyway, I went in before we left to have a look around and I saw this and I wouldn't usually go for the colour but I decided to try it on as they were having a 15% discount on the womenswear and well...I really like it! It's so soft and I've come to love the colour, it's perfect for Winter and the sparkles on the back make it very festive! I got this for £80 instead of £95 which may seem a lot but I don't have anything this colour and I've wanted one for absolutely ages so the discount definitely gave me the push to actually get it! A very unexpected purchase but I know I will wear it lots. 
Sorry for the awful picture but my phone charger has broken so I couldn't take another! I got these boots about two/three weeks ago after spotting them in John Lewis and I really liked them. The price tag put me off but I decided to try them on anyway. I ended up getting them because I think now my feet have stopped growing shoes are a really good investment because you won't grow out of them. I actually didn't own any other boots (other than UGGs) before I got these and was looking for a pair of leather ankle boots. What drew me to them was the crochet panel on either side which adds a girly touch. At £90 they were an investment but I've worn them loads already and will do so throughout Winter!

So that's my haul! I do have another one coming soon with stuff I've got from Lush so hope you don't mind two hauls near each other! Sorry the pictures are basically...rubbish but as the nights are drawing in there's not loads of time to take pictures and as I mentioned above my phone charger has broken and the battery is dead so I couldn't take anymore! Hope you enjoyed this and expect to see me popping up on your dashboard a lot more!


Thursday, 10 October 2013

L'Oreal Glitterati Polishes - Scarlett Tinsel & Sequin Explosion

Hello Everyone! Hope you're all having a great evening :)
Today I have two more products to share from my last beauty haul, two of the new L'Oreal Glitterati polishes for A/W in the shades 'Scarlett Tinsel' and 'Sequin Explosion'

I'm sure you know by now how much I love glitter polishes so I had to get these! There are also two other colours called 'Bling Bling Bang' (blue )and 'Black Diamond' (black) but they weren't really 'me' so I didn't get them. Scarlett Tinsel is a beautiful Magenta where the glitter particles are all the same size, this reminds me of Models Own Magenta Divine which I have wanted for ages so it was a no brainer to get this one. 
Sequin Explosion is unlike anything I own and usually I wouldn't go for a 'multi coloured' glitter - anyone remember the hype about OPI Rainbow Collection from the 2011 Christmas collection? yep I hated it! But I actually decided to get it, I think this is better for an accent nail rather than every finger which is something coming from me! It's a silver glitter with multi coloured large hexagonal glitter pieces as well as smaller circle glitter bits. 
These can both be worn as a topcoat over another polish or built up to three coats for a fully opaque colour. These are so pretty however the downside is I find Scarlett Tinsel to chip really easily, even over Seche Vite! Even so I do really like them and would recommend them.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Advertisers

Hi Everyone!
Today's post is a little different. The past month (September) I decided to do some advertising in my sidebar and you may have noticed the three girls there for the month. So here is a little about them!

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Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion is a fashion blog run by 13 year old Tolly
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Sunday, 29 September 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine '06 Pink in Devotion'

Hello Everyone :)
Today I have a review and some swatches of a beautiful YSL lipstick featured in my last beauty haul!
So, I've been eyeing up these lipsticks for a long while now after seeing countless reviews. I had a £10 boots voucher I was planning to put towards either a YSL or Chanel lipstick, but after I spent it on something else (Origins Ginzing - review soon!) the thought went out of my mind. That was until I was out shopping and just as we were about to leave I found myself at the YSL counter at John Lewis, I managed to narrow it down to two and then when I finally decided on this shade, it was out of stock! Typical. So I went along down to Boots and luckily they had it! So it was a very spontaneous purchase but very worth it.

These lipsticks are famed for their amazing formula and when I swatched these for the first time I definitely got why these are so coveted. The formula is butter soft and glides on so easily and smoothly, it seriously is a dream to apply. Even though these are so silky smooth that doesn't mean they are not pigmented, the swatch is only one swipe! Despite being pigmented, these don't have the longest lasting power due to being so creamy but they don't have the worst either, they last roughly about two hours but they do leave a stain so all is not lost! The colour is a juicy deep pink which I love! It's in between a pink and a berry and I think it is perfect for the colder months if you're not quite brave enough to wear a deep, intense colour. It can also be dabbed on for a softer, subtle look or built up to be brighter so is very versatile. I have enjoyed wearing this lipstick so much and will be wearing it lots and lots more, it's also brilliant as in Winter dry lips and lipstick doesn't mix well so you can rest assured this lipstick will not dry your lips out or highlight slightly dry bits you may have.

Overall, this is such a stunning shade and has the best formula I have ever tried. Yes, these are definitely a luxury item but in my eyes they are worth every penny and worth splashing out for a treat. I've got my eye on 05 which is a deeper pink and I think will be my winter lipstick so I may have to have a little 'to me, from me' treat!

Do you have a YSL lipstick, or want one? What do you think?


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Lush Haul


For tonights's post, I have a Lush haul! I know it was only a few post ago I did a beauty haul but this is long overdue so hopefully you don't mind two pretty close together hauls :) I actually bought all this stuff near the end of August when I went to Westfield with my dad.

I haven't bought this much stuff from Lush is such a long time it seems...possibly last Christmas time? I was trying to hold out for the Christmas/Halloween collection but couldn't resist, so there will definitely be another Lush haul coming near the time it's released (which I think is sometime in October, possibly end of this month!)

I was actually only going to get a few bath bombs, but my dad loved it in there and kept running round putting stuff in my basket so yeah haha thanks dad<3

♥ Honeybee Bath Bomb - I've never tried this before, but it smells really sweet and not at all what I expected! Looking forward to putting this in the bath but not sure it's going to turn into a very pretty colour haha...

♥ Think Pink Bath Bomb - I think I had this once before agesss ago but I thought I'd get it again as I wanted to try some new things. It smells like a very sweet floral and is so pretty with the flowers on the top!

♥ Sex Bomb Bath Bomb - Not gonna lie, I kind of only got this as it's so pretty but this is quite floral which I don't usually like but from what I can tell it's quite a 'soft' floral smell.

♥ Creamy Candy Bubble Bar - I've had this loads before (this was one of the things my dad put in my basket as he loved the smell) and it just smells so sweet and delicious, it's one of my favourite smells ever! This scent is also in the LE snow fairy shower gel, bubblegum lip scrub and godmother soap.

♥ FUN Pink - This is quite a new product and is a 4 in 1 as you can play with it, wash your hair with it, create bubbles with it and wash yourself with it. Again another dad product and I didn't even smell it before I got home but I'm glad he picked this as it's again, a very sweet candy smell and is described as it being 'jam packed with the fruity, candy smells of childhood'

♥ Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb - Never had this and thought it would smell 'meh' but I love it! It's quite a warming scent but not spicy...and that's as far as my scent describing skills go.

♥ Charity Pot Mini - I think this was £1 at the till to donate to charity and it smells okay, nothing too great but it's nice to keep in your bag as it's so little.

♥ Herbalism Cleanser - OK cheat product as I got this on a different trip but yeah, I finished my previous angels on bare skin cleanser from Lush and was going to repurchase but saw this which is especially aimed at troublesome skin so got this instead. I've only used it a few times so far but let me tell you one thing, it smells disgusting!

So that's what I have! I think I'm going to use one of these tonight as I need to start making room for the new Christmas products ahh! If anyone knows when they are released please let me know :)

Have you tried any of these before? What do you love from Lush?


Sunday, 8 September 2013

A/W Revlon Collection | Lip Butters & Nail Polish

Hello Everyone!

I've been meaning to post this for ages but have had no time! I went back to school on Thursday and let's just say I am not looking forward to this year, I'm doing my GCSE's! :( Anyway, these three products were featured in last weeks big beauty haulLINK and today I'm going to showing swatches and talking about each product.
First off, these three products are from the new Revlon Autumn/Winter collection 'Evening Opulance' created by Gucci Westman. The collection includes a smokey purple eyeshadow quad, brightening eyeliner kajal, two nail polishes (the one I don't have is a purple colour) three colour burst lip glosses (but I've only seen two?) and two new lip butter shades. At first I only bought the Lip Butter in 'Provocative' but I went back for 'Invite Only' and ended up walking away with the nail polish in 'Rich' too! From promo images I think I may have to get the other polish too if I can find it! 

♥ Colour Burst Lip Butters in 'Invite Only' and 'Provocative' ♥ £7.99 each

Top - Bottom: Invite Only, Provocative
Both of these lip butters come in the standard lip butter packaging however these ones have sparkles all over them ooh! Also, 'Provocative' has silver outer packaging but the actual lip butter is purple, so is a little different to the usual lip butters packaging being the same colour as the product! Anyway, even though these look very scary colours in the bullets (um, mint green lips?!) they actually are really pretty on and are definitely not the colour you would imagine them to come out!
Invite Only is the sheerer of the two, even though the swatch seems to look silvery it's actually clear and super shiny so that's why it looks like that! It has lots and lots of blue iridescent shimmer running throughout it but my camera has failed to pick it up :(
Provocative has a stronger tint of purple to it however I did run it over my hand quite a lot for the swatch so you can see what it looks like intensely. When swiped once it has a subtle slight purple tint and this one has lots of purple shimmer running throughout it. The glitter in these too aren't chunky though so it doesn't feel weird and uncomfortable which is great!

♥ Nail Polish in 'Rich' ♥ £6.49

I really don't like dark polish both in general and on my nails however I've come to discover I actually really like dark polishes if they are shimmery/duo chrome or glittery. Anyway, this is a sort of deep gunmetal grey with gold-ish shimmer throughout it. I've only ever tried one other Revlon polish but this has a easy to work with formula and required two coats to be opaque, also it doesn't feel 'scratchy' but if you really don't like that feeling a topcoat sorts it out. I really like this and I cannot wait to wear it when it starts getting colder which won't be long as the nights are drawing in and my feet are cold which is a sure sign we are going into Autumn! Yay :D

So this was a rather long overview/review but I hope you enjoyed it! I am so excited for lots of the new A/W collections coming out and I don't even know what ones are out now so if anyone knows/has recommendations please let me know! Anyway, I'm off to do some online browsing of Autumn clothes & beauty things so hope you have had a lovely evening!