Sunday, 22 June 2014

Lush 'Granny Takes a Dip' Bath Bomb

I definitely see baths as more of a 'Winter' thing, as personally, I much prefer having one when it's dark outside and have candles burning, I find it far more relaxing! However I still like to have bath bombs during Summer, mainly to use the copious amounts of bath products I have! However, I've realised I just cannot have them at the usual temperature I have them. Let's just say, I had a face mask on and it was actually dripping off, not a great thought. It felt more like torture than something to do to unwind! Luckily, I learnt from my mistake and had a far more relaxing one, helped by the fact I used this lovely bath bomb!
This is quite big for a bath bomb as they are usually a sphere whereas this is flat. As it's big, it takes a while to dissolve which personally I like as it means the swirly colours stay in the bath for longer while you're in it, it's not like some that fizz away really fast not leaving much. As you can see from the (many) pictures above, all the colours begin to spread out, resulting in the bath having a light pink base with splashes of bright, swirly colour. The scent is very unique, I definitely agree with what lush says it smells like, it is citrus-y but quite a warm citrus. I really enjoyed using Granny Takes a Dip and I would definitely repurchase this as it's definitely one of the most colourful bath bombs I've used!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Guest Post: How to spot clean + deep clean your makeup brushes!

Today's post is a guest post from Alice at THE STYLE OF LONDON who has written a fab post about how to spot clean and deep clean your makeup brushes!

I decided to do a post on how to clean your brushes as this seems to be a question that comes up quite a lot in conversation among a range of people including some of my friends. The main queries seem to be what products to use, how often to do it and how to physically wash them. I will be answering all these questions below so read on if you want to know more and feel free to let me know any other ideas you have for washing your brushes.
There are lots different ways you can wash your brushes and a mixture of views out there on the best way to do it. This can make it difficult to decide how to clean them and I will be showing the way that I have personally have found works best for me.   
Firstly – what you will need:
Deep clean:
Makeup brushes
A Sink
Spot clean:
Tissue Paper
Brush cleaner (MAC does a good one)
How to clean them
Deep clean
Firstly, grab your dirty makeup brushes and bring them to your sink or bowl of warm water. Soak the tips of the brushes completely in water. Then pour a small drop of the baby shampoo onto the palm of your hand, dip the tip of the brush into this and move the brush back and forth across your fingers until the water runs clear. It is best to try not to wash the brushes too close to the handle as it could loosen the glue that holds the bristles in place. Then gently wipe your brush onto your towel to take out some excess water and rest the brushes with the tip facing off the towel so that they will air dry.
I have also heard from a variety of sources that it is bad to dry your brushes with the tip facing upright as the water will get stuck inside the brush and so it is either best to dry them with the brush side facing downwards or to lay them flat.
 Spot Clean
Spot cleaning is great for when you want to quickly use a different colour with the same brush, and don’t want to wait for ages for your brushes to dry. To do this you just need to spray a bit of your brush cleaner on tissue paper and then in a downwards motion, gently brush the bristles across the tissue paper till all of the colour has gone. If I do not have brush cleaner I will sometimes use my makeup wipes to quickly take the colour off my brushes, and have found this works well too.
Have you got any other tips or ways you feel have worked best to get your brushes clean?
How often to clean them
It really depends on how much you use your brushes. If your brushes get dirty really quickly then it might be best to do a deep clean once a week. Because I tend to spot clean quite a bit between brush uses, I don’t feel the need to deep clean my brushes this often. I don’t have a particular day I clean my brushes, I just clean them when I feel like it needs doing. But, if I was to put a date on it I would say I deep clean my brushes around once a month and spot clean after every other use. How often do you think is best to clean your brushes?
I hope you all enjoyed my guest post and it has been helpful for some of you!
Alice x

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