Saturday, 27 July 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips hit the UK! ♥ Review

Hey Everyone ♥
I was planning to write and publish this yesterday but time ran away with me and I didn't manage to do it so today it is then! This is something I am really excited to share with you as I've been wanting these to finally come to the UK for absolutely ages and they finally have, Maybelline Babylips lip balms are finally in the UK! I have a slight lip balm problem (read: obsession) and I am infactuated with all things American especially beauty so this is amazing for me, I actually took drastic measures last year after wanting one of these for so long and ordered it off the American amazon and waited weeks for it to come, crazy I know and that's why the 'Pink Punch' lip balm looks slightly worn as that was the one I got!
L-R: Cherry Me, Peach Kiss, Hydrate, Pink Punch

L-R: Cherry Me, Peach Kiss, Hydrate, Pink Punch

There are six different flavours/scents which are: Intense Care (yellow), Mint Fresh (green), Hydrate (blue), Cherry Me (orange), Pink Punch (pink) and Peach Kiss (lilac) of which I have the last four. The packaging of these is really bright and eye-catching and come in a coloured tube with a clear lid with the writing in a different colour as you can see from the above pictures. As you can see from the hand swatch the tinted ones are not greatly pigmented, Pink Punch is the best for colour pay off in my opinion. They all smell really nice even if it is quite artificial! This wouldn't be the best balm for me if I had really chapped lips but it is a great everyday lip balm I can pick up and put on and leave me with soft lips.
Overall, I do like them. They're 'fun' and think these will probably appeal more to school/college people (maybe why I am so attracted to them?! haha) as they are colourful and look good. Also good if you are after a very slightly tinted balm which is cheap! I would re purchase these but probably only Hydrate or Pink Punch as they are my favourites (but seriously who am I kidding, I'm never gonna finish these with the amount of lips balms I have!)
RRP: £2.99 Boots

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Review: Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser

Hey Everyone ♥

As I'm sure you will be aware by now after me constantly going on about it, I recently did my work experience in boots. The great thing about that is that I was exposed to lots of new products, great for the blog not so much for my purse. However one product in particular I noticed really intrigued me and I ended up buying it to try out! This is actually a new product only hitting shelves two-ish weeks ago so it would of been hard for me to miss it due to the huge stand at the front of the store and posters advertising it covering the walls and staffroom!

There are three variations of the Spray & Go Body Moisturiser; Cocoa, Aloe Vera and the one I have which I'm not sure of the 'name' I think it's just maybe the almond/oat one? The idea of this is you literally spray and go which I do definitely agree with, you hold the can 4 inches away from you and spray, then rub in and go. It's a fine spray which is light but hydrating and sinks in really quickly so perfect for Summer when you still want to moisturise but don't want to use thick creams which take a while to sink in or for when you're in a rush. There aren't really many products like this out there (of that I know of) the only similar thing I can think of is Soap & Glory Girligo.

Overall, they are a little pricey for a 'drugstore' brand moisturiser which you don't get much product in but I do think the concept works well and it is a really good easy to use product and I would recommend them. I have been and will continue to use this lots throughout the summer but probably won't re purchase until next summer as in Winter I prefer using something more moisturising!

RRP: £4.99 Boots

P.S - Maybelline baby lips are now available on the boots website! I was so happy when I found out haha, I ordered mine this morning and can't wait until I get them :)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Collective Haul: Beauty & Random

Hey Everyone
I'm back! It feels like I haven't sat down and blogged for ages and well, it probably has been ages! I finished my two weeks work experience on Friday and now I have six weeks off for Summer so there will be lots of posts coming your way :) These products are things I've bought over the past few weeks and it has amounted to quite a lot!
How cute are these?! I just could not resist the mug and coaster set...even though it won't be getting much use until Winter when I will be drinking loads of hot chocolate! I just had to get the matching money tin, brilliant for putting my spare pennies in! Also, these floral tissues are really pretty and tissues are always handy to have in your room! All of this is from Tesco :)

Trevor Sorbie Curls & Waves Curl Cream: I'm on the lookout for products to enhance my natural waves and this was the only product that sounded like what I was after when I was looking in boots, so recommendations of products like this please let me know in the comments! 
Umberto Giannini Pure Beauty Shampoo: I got a mini of this for my birthday and after finishing it I finally got round to getting a full size as last time I went they were sold out! Love this, makes my hair feel soft, smooth and healthy. 
Vaseline Spray & Go: This is a new release which I will have a full review of this week so keep your eyes peeled :)
The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter: This smells really yummy, just like raspberry yogurt! This was super cheap in TBS sale, so I had to get it! 
Two new nail polishes; Barry M 'Pink Silver' which I've wanted for ages, it peeled off really quickly which was disappointing but I didn't use a base coat so that may be why, look out for a NOTD coming soon and Collection gel colour in 'Raspberry' which I currently have on and I've been really impressed by. Finally a Cutex polish remover as Superdrug have 3 for 2 on nails so I picked this up to get for free.
  Nivea SPF 30 Lip Balm: I've been looking for this for ages since it's been so hot recently I wanted a high SPF lip balm to keep my lips protected.
Trilogy Rose hip Oil: Really excited to try this and see how well it works. I will have a full review up once I have tried this enough to notice any results!
Dove Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena scent: I bought this for a post later on this week, it's my favourite scent out of all dove deodorants.
Superdrug Coconut Oil: I'd heard lots of people say this is an excellent cheap product to use as a hair mask or deep conditioner for the ends of your hair so I got this today as I'm always using hair treatments, once again I will definitely have a review of this up once I've used it a few times!

 Finally, I received these two things as a gift from the manager where I worked the past two weeks, a No7 'Ballerina Beauty Purse' containing a sample size day cream and mascara, a little eyeshadow in the shade Forest Fruits and a full size lipstick in Mulberry. Also, Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift, I'm undecided on the scent but I love the bottle it's really pretty!

♥  ♥  ♥

So there we have it! Let me know if you have tried any of these products, I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Review: The Body Shop Born Lippy Stick Balms

Hey Everyone ♥
When these first launched in early 2012 (I think) I immediately picked one up being a lip balm fanatic but wasn't overly wowed by it however last month The Body Shop had a promotion when on presenting the voucher you could get a free born lippy stick balm and despite my previous thoughts on them, who can resist a free lip balm (or two)?

There are six shades available of which I have Pomegranate, Pink Berry and Strawberry. They come presented in a colour coordinated to their shade twist up pop art inspired tube (wow quite a mouthful there) The first one I got was Pink Berry, it's okay but let's just say I will always use another lip balm instead of this one, it was really thick and waxy and the smell is really strong and after a short time sickly. However Pomegranate and Strawberry I do really like! They are both much lighter and smell so fruity, perfect for Summer! They give your lips a glossy shine and a slight hint of colour. The only gripe I have with these is that the tube is slightly flimsy so when you have twisted the balm up you have to hold the tube at the top as it will slide down again so basically, it's not supported to be twisted up and left while you apply it!

Overall, these aren't going to heal your lips but they provide moderate hydration and if you are after more of a novelty/fun lip balm which still provides some care for your lips these are definitely the way to go.

RRP: £3.00/5g

Have you tried these? What do you think?


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Yankee Candle Tart Burner

Hey Everyone!

I've been super slack on the blogging front lately and there's not even. Reason why...I've just been lazy so nothing new there. Yesterday I started my work experience placement where I am for two weeks, I'm staying with my dad so I didn't have my computer but I went home for a bit today and bought it back with me so now I have it :) Anyway, after work yesterday I walked past a little independent card type shop and I saw a poster with 'Yankee Candle' displayed in the front window so naturally I popped in...and came out with these!

I cracked my old tart burner back in January and never replaced it so when I saw this one which was Yankee Candle branded and much cheaper than my last one at just £6.99 I knew I had to get it! It's a creamy off white colour with some embossed detailing which you can see in the last picture. The two tarts I picked were 'Summer Scoop' and 'Garden Sweet Pea' both beautiful light summer appropriate scents.

I have Garden Sweet Pea burning right now and it's quite a bit away from me but it's really strong and smells gorgeous! The tarts are meant to have a burn time of around 8 hours too.

I will be getting lots more posts up this coming week as I've missed blogging a lot!
What are you favourite Yankee Candle scents? I really want to try more :)