Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Lush Haul


For tonights's post, I have a Lush haul! I know it was only a few post ago I did a beauty haul but this is long overdue so hopefully you don't mind two pretty close together hauls :) I actually bought all this stuff near the end of August when I went to Westfield with my dad.

I haven't bought this much stuff from Lush is such a long time it seems...possibly last Christmas time? I was trying to hold out for the Christmas/Halloween collection but couldn't resist, so there will definitely be another Lush haul coming near the time it's released (which I think is sometime in October, possibly end of this month!)

I was actually only going to get a few bath bombs, but my dad loved it in there and kept running round putting stuff in my basket so yeah haha thanks dad<3

♥ Honeybee Bath Bomb - I've never tried this before, but it smells really sweet and not at all what I expected! Looking forward to putting this in the bath but not sure it's going to turn into a very pretty colour haha...

♥ Think Pink Bath Bomb - I think I had this once before agesss ago but I thought I'd get it again as I wanted to try some new things. It smells like a very sweet floral and is so pretty with the flowers on the top!

♥ Sex Bomb Bath Bomb - Not gonna lie, I kind of only got this as it's so pretty but this is quite floral which I don't usually like but from what I can tell it's quite a 'soft' floral smell.

♥ Creamy Candy Bubble Bar - I've had this loads before (this was one of the things my dad put in my basket as he loved the smell) and it just smells so sweet and delicious, it's one of my favourite smells ever! This scent is also in the LE snow fairy shower gel, bubblegum lip scrub and godmother soap.

♥ FUN Pink - This is quite a new product and is a 4 in 1 as you can play with it, wash your hair with it, create bubbles with it and wash yourself with it. Again another dad product and I didn't even smell it before I got home but I'm glad he picked this as it's again, a very sweet candy smell and is described as it being 'jam packed with the fruity, candy smells of childhood'

♥ Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb - Never had this and thought it would smell 'meh' but I love it! It's quite a warming scent but not spicy...and that's as far as my scent describing skills go.

♥ Charity Pot Mini - I think this was £1 at the till to donate to charity and it smells okay, nothing too great but it's nice to keep in your bag as it's so little.

♥ Herbalism Cleanser - OK cheat product as I got this on a different trip but yeah, I finished my previous angels on bare skin cleanser from Lush and was going to repurchase but saw this which is especially aimed at troublesome skin so got this instead. I've only used it a few times so far but let me tell you one thing, it smells disgusting!

So that's what I have! I think I'm going to use one of these tonight as I need to start making room for the new Christmas products ahh! If anyone knows when they are released please let me know :)

Have you tried any of these before? What do you love from Lush?



  1. You have a few of my favourites in there! Ever since I first discovered Lush many years ago I've loved the Creamy Candy bubble bar. I so wish they had a perfume in that scent :o). Xx

  2. I love the honeybee bath bomb, smells amazing and makes your skin really soft after the bath xx

  3. Everything looks so pretty! I love walking past Lush, it always smells so good.

  4. Amazing Lush haul! I havent splurged on Lush for months now, but think i might need to stock up now the colder months are coming so i can have nice warm baths haha :) Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and Think Pink Bath Bomb are a few of my faves!

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  5. What a fantastic haul! My eyes were glittering looking at all those pretty bathbombs haha, I've never actually purchased anything from Lush ever! I always seem to be broke whenever I'm passing there ._. perhaps one day in the nearish future :')
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

  6. Amazing haul, a few of my faves in your photo there especially Think Pink x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  7. Think Pink is a little understated gem! It smells delicious and I love the little surprise inside when it starts to fizzle in the tub! I love Twilight anything really and Phoenix is going to be such a nice bath! Save it for a really chilly day!

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid