Thursday, 21 November 2013

NYX Megashine Lipgloss 'Beige'

Hi! hope you're having a nice evening (or night?) I thought I would write a review of a product I bought a few weeks back now as I really like it and this is the only post I can write with no 'preperation' at the moment! I've drafted around 10 blog posts which I need to take pictures for and write up and the majority are Winter/Christmas based so I'm really excited! I really hope you'll like them! I have a pretty long winded but hopefully enjoyable post coming up early next week which I'm planning to take pictures for tomorrow during a break between exams when I come home, I've had mock exams the past week and they continue until next Tuesday but only four more to go now, yay! Anyway, onto the post!

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If you're not already aware, NYX has recently started being sold in Next stores. I'm not store if it's going to be in every one or only 'larger' ones in bigger cities but if you're heading to Westfield white city anytime soon, they have a stand there! There wasn't loads and they didn't have the biggest selection but I purchased one thing, the very hyped 'megashine lipgloss', which I got in the shade Beige as it's the only one which appealed to me really but I've since found it is a very popular choice among beauty lovers!

Not sure if you can see but it has a pretty bow on the top!

The pictures make it appear a little brighter/pinker than it really is. It is definitely more of a muted light/medium pink which has no shimmer in. I think this colour is a great everyday colour which equally looks lovely on it's own or other a lipstick of a similar shade. I really love the formula of this - I know many are put off by lip gloss because they can be horribly sticky and uncomfortable to wear but this is definitely one of my favourite lip gloss formula's (along with Benefit ultra plush) as it doesn't feel heavy or sticky on the lips despite it being quite a pigmented colour (which unfortunately are the ones with the heavier formula's!) but equally doesn't wear off after a short while and is very smooth to apply. Admittedly, it's not the longest wearing lip gloss but it lasts an adequate amount of time. As far as glossiness goes this is certainly not an awful 'wet look' lip gloss as the name may suggest with 'mega shine' but it does give a gorgeous sheen to the lips which is noticeable but in no way over the top. The only negative I have is down to personal choice, but it does have quite a strong scent which reminds me of something but I can't think what. It's not a bad smell as it is very sweet but it is of course something to bare in mind, I have a feeling it might grow on me though.

Overall, I do really like this! I feel like it is a good price point for what it is and the attention to detail is very nice with the little bow on the top, very cute! I've tried a few things from NYX and have been impressed in the past and have a feeling I need to go and have a better look at their jumbo eye pencils (which are £5, btw) What do you think? What are your favourite NYX products?

RRP: £6 Next & NYX UX



  1. I've just recently put a new NYX Mega Shine Lip gloss on my blog sale if you're interested in looking (only £3.50). I really like the colour you've picked here, like you said, very wearable. I think they smell amazing, I hope the scent grows on you. My absolute favourite thing about these has to be the adorable little bow on the top. x

    Lilie | mintcandylilies

  2. It looks so pretty and glossy!:)