Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Christmas Tag

Hi Everyone and happy 1st December! How quickly has the year gone, wow! I cannot believe we are in the last month of the year and are now only a few weeks away from Christmas! I've been quite disorganised this year as I haven't started my christmas shopping for people and I haven't written my christmas list yet either because I have no clue idea what I want but I will have to get on and do it soon as my whole family keep asking what I want! (So, if you have any gift guides please link me up!) Today I was tagged by my friend Alex to do 'The Christmas Tag' which was created by Rebecca at Flores Y Moda so what better way to kick off December?

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1. What is your favourite Christmas song?
I love all of the classics you always hear on the radio or on music channels around this time of the year! Some of my favourites are Merry Christmas Everybody (Slade), Step into Christmas (Elton John), Merry Christmas Everyone (Shakin' Stevens) and of course All I want for Christmas is you (Mariah Carey)

2. Which is your favourite Christmas drink?
I'd love to name a Starbucks/Costa drink but I haven't had any of them yet! But I don't really like the sound of any apart from the chocolately ones anyway so I'm just sticking to Hot Chocolate, with lots of marshmallows on top.

3. What is your favourite Christmas film?
I'm not that big on films to be honest and this is the time I'm going to admit I've never watched Elf *gasp* but it's top of my list to watch! So, I actually don't have a favourite so I'm making it my mission to watch as many christmas films as possible in the next few weeks!

4. What is at the top of your Christmas wish-list this year?
I literally have no idea what I want this year as I mentioned at the top, I'm all over the place and constantly changing my mind! My dad usually gets me something 'big' which I want and this year I really really really love a bag I saw at Selfridges from DKNY, it's an ivory quilted cross body but you can change the strap to have it as a cross body or over the shoulder, it's seriously my perfect bag but I don't think I will be getting it because he thinks 'I don't need it'. That is the only thing really at the top of my list, well it is called a 'wish' list!

5. What is your favourite festive makeup or nail art look?
I love berry and red lips for the festive season. My current favourite lipstick is Mac Plumful so I think I'll be wearing that come Christmas day. I really want to do lots of Christmas themed posts this month and I'm sure there will be many nail art posts! I of course love very glittery nails at Christmas too!

6. What is your favourite outfit at Christmas time? (LBD? Christmas Jumpers? PJ's?)
I don't really have a favourite thing to wear I just usually wear whatever I am liking at the time. This year I think I will be wearing jeans, boots and a festive (but not ugly!) jumper, there's one I want from New Look so I think I may buy it later for my Christmas day jumper!

7. Would you rather play out in the snow or enjoy it from inside with the fire and a cuppa?
Hm...Both. It's fun to play in it for a while (I kind of have to because my sister makes me go outside with her) but after the initial 'omg snow!' feeling wears off and it becomes really cold out there and it begins getting mushed up and brown I head inside to have a hot drink and admire it from inside (with angry bangs on the window from my sister)

8. Wrapping presents - love or loathe?
I quite like wrapping presents, it's quite fun haha! It doesn't take me too long because I don't have loads to wrap. I always put some Christmas music on to get into the mood as well.

9. What's your favourite Christmassy food?
Christmas dinner as a whole of course! But I love pigs in blankets so I always look forward to them as I only have them at Christmas.

10. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
The overall feel and atmosphere of the weeks leading up to it and then the actual day!

So those are my answers! I tag:



  1. You have never watched elf?! How is this possible! You must change that this christmas ha! Love these posts, everyone is being so festive I love it!

  2. Great tag! We love the overall feel & atmosphere too; everyone is always so happy, it's great. Merry Christmas :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

  3. Ahh I love this tag, might do it next week! xx

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