Thursday, 31 October 2013

Collective Haul: Fashion, Beauty & More!

Hello Everyone!
So...remember me? I have been so awfully 'not here' on my blog this past month. I've put up 3 posts only! Anyway, I'm feeling so inspired about blogging at the moment which is great! I think it's a mixture of the festivities and now that we're moving more into Winter, what's better than a cosy night in with candles burning, blogging away? nothing! Or...maybe shopping, as today I have a collective haul to share as it's just about the only pictures I have at the moment. Onto what I've bought lately...

From TKMaxx I found a beautiful purple and silver glitter polish called 'Can't be tamed' which was £4.99, I haven't ever tried Orly so I'm looking forward to using this. I also got a candle from Everyday Luxe called 'Frosted sugar cookie' which is a vanilla/bakery scent, it also has 3 wicks which I love (it burns down evenly!) At Westfield (I went with my best friend yesterday) I discovered a Yankee Candle shop! yes a shop! It was big and I was literally in candle heaven. I only got two things for myself - a 'Merry Marshmallow' tart and a medium jar candle in 'Snowflake Cookie' look at it. It's so pretty and it was the only one available so I knew it was a sign! I also got another nail polish from the OPI Mariah Carey Christmas collection in 'It's frosty outside' it's a liquid sand and is a gorgeous silver. I finally took the plunge and bought a MAC lipstick I've wanted for about a year - Plumful! There will be a review coming and without giving anything away I think it could be a new favourite lipstick!

I ordered this bag from ASOS as I've been wanting one in this style for a long time and I don't actually have many bags I use on a regular basis. I love the nude colour of it and despite the chain being slightly too long on me (I'm short) I still love it and it was a very reasonable price at £16 (I got it for £14 something as I found a 10% discount code) 
Okay, so I know not everyone is a fan of Juicy Couture but I love it! (well not all the stuff they do) and have wanted one of the tracksuit tops as I love the pretty designs they have. I didn't get the bottoms as I don't ever wear 'joggers' and I draw the line at a full tracksuit! But anyway, I went in before we left to have a look around and I saw this and I wouldn't usually go for the colour but I decided to try it on as they were having a 15% discount on the womenswear and well...I really like it! It's so soft and I've come to love the colour, it's perfect for Winter and the sparkles on the back make it very festive! I got this for £80 instead of £95 which may seem a lot but I don't have anything this colour and I've wanted one for absolutely ages so the discount definitely gave me the push to actually get it! A very unexpected purchase but I know I will wear it lots. 
Sorry for the awful picture but my phone charger has broken so I couldn't take another! I got these boots about two/three weeks ago after spotting them in John Lewis and I really liked them. The price tag put me off but I decided to try them on anyway. I ended up getting them because I think now my feet have stopped growing shoes are a really good investment because you won't grow out of them. I actually didn't own any other boots (other than UGGs) before I got these and was looking for a pair of leather ankle boots. What drew me to them was the crochet panel on either side which adds a girly touch. At £90 they were an investment but I've worn them loads already and will do so throughout Winter!

So that's my haul! I do have another one coming soon with stuff I've got from Lush so hope you don't mind two hauls near each other! Sorry the pictures are basically...rubbish but as the nights are drawing in there's not loads of time to take pictures and as I mentioned above my phone charger has broken and the battery is dead so I couldn't take anymore! Hope you enjoyed this and expect to see me popping up on your dashboard a lot more!



  1. Ooooohhhh.. Nice things! Love that bag! I don't have any in that color! I just got the Lush lip scrub in bubblegum.! I have a picture on my Instagram Everythingvero.. Take a look :)
    Hauls are so fun! :)


  2. I also have a haul on my blog :) take a look :)

  3. I love those nail polishes! Yankee candles are my fave

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  4. What a lovely handbag, looks very stylish :o). Xx

  5. I can imagine how gorgeous and sweet that the Snowflake Cookie candle smells!! xx

  6. Got a similar bag from primark last year! I love Yankee candles too. Great post! xx

  7. What a fab haul :D

    I recently got the liquid sand trio from the Mariah Carey Christmas Collection and they're absolutely gorgeous.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  8. That bag is so cute!! I have been looking for something similar!! :)