Tuesday, 30 April 2013

30 Ways to Save £1!

Hello :)

Let's face it, we are all sometimes oblivious to the money we spend on 'small things' and how the cost adds up. I decided to join in on the Money Supermarket competition and share my 30 tips on how to save £1 (or even more!) because everyone loves to find a bargain and save money!
1) Shop around! There are loads of websites out there to help you find the best deals. A lot of supermarkets now give you the difference back if you could of got your purchases cheaper somewhere else.

2) Walk instead of using public transport, getting some exercise and saving money!

3) If you drive try and top up your petrol at a Tesco petrol station so you can use your club card and clock up your points even more.

4) Store cards are your best friend! So simple to earn rewards/points even if your going to get essentials. All that cotton wool and toothpaste at boots might get you a free lipstick at some point!

5)If your going somewhere eat before you leave so you don't feel inclined to stop off at Costa, Starbucks, Pret a Manger or wherever else.

6) Alternatively, take a snack and drink with you if your prone to getting hungry when your out.

7) Look out for restaurant deals, 2 for 1 etc. Prezzo is really good for them.

8) If your in a restaurant ask for tap water - it's free!

9) Get meal deals, loads of supermarkets are starting to do things like 'dine in for £10' etc.

10) Buy in bulk when on offer. This could be from stuff like toothpaste to your favourite face wash.

11) If your due an upgrade/renewal of phone contract it's quite likely you will get a better deal if you have been with them for a while or haggle. I got my phone handset free and the monthly price reduced by a lot!

12) If your going to London and visiting Camden Market, something lots of people don't do is haggle on the market stalls but it works every time there is always money to be saved. This applies to most market style places too!

13) Go to poundland! Especially for essentials like toilet roll, toothpaste etc as there only £1 (duh) which is usually cheaper than what you would find it supermarkets.

14) Always, always save you 1p and 2ps! Keep them in a jar or money bag and take them to a machine in a supermarket which will change them up. I got £7 last week from coins I'd found lying around!

15) Keep your eyes peeled for 'introductory' prices on new products.
16) Have a look in TKMaxx. I never used to buy I've found some real bargains in there with 'current season' stock especially.

17) Have a look in your local beauty salons if you want to get branded nail polish in particular. My local has OPI for £7 and Seche Vite for about £6. So if there's a colour you want, check in your local!

18) Don't buy expensive clothes in a style that's in trend but is likely to go out of fashion quickly. Think Primark for throw away fashion!

19) If you have sensitive ears and have to wear sterling silver earrings or your ears will turn black (a la moi) try Claire's sterling silver earrings. They do pretty ones for about £5, much cheaper than ones in jewellery shops like H Samuel's that go for £20 odd.

20) Buy a smaller size product before committing to a bigger one which costs more. This can be in the form of minis or just the smaller version of a products.

21)  Use old storage boxes from gift sets for extra storage - they don't have to be pretty as you can keep them out of site under your bed!

22) eBay. You can find such bargains on there (I got a genuine Juicy Couture bag RRP £190 for £16). Also if you like designer things, there's loads of replica's to be found.

23) If your selling on eBay, wait until free insertion week, no fee to put items up.

24) To keep track of your finances easily - see if your bank has an app. I have the Natwest app and it's simple and easy to see what's been going in and out of my bank account.

25) Do DIY! You can make face masks from stuff in the cupboard or general DIY instead of buying something - I'm planning to make myself a nail polish rack.

26) If you pay for bills - do it online. Saving money on stamps if your sending it off and saving on your telephone bill if you do it via over the phone.

27)  Keep leftovers from dinner for lunch the next day.

28) Buy better quality 'staple' things. This can be clothes like jeans for example, or a purse. You won't need to keep replacing things. My purse is 4 years old and still going strong.

29) Only buy as much as you need. It may be on offer or something but think 'Do I actually need that many/much?'

30) Instead of buying a separate hand cream - carry a mini size of that body lotion you have at home from a Christmas gift set or any other mini.

Those were my tips! I hope they will maybe help you save a lil' bit of money! This is an entry for the money supermarket competition, which you can find more about *Here* :)



  1. Lovely tips hun, I love Poundland for bits and bobs :D

    1. Me too, You can find pretty decent stuff x