Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March Favourites

How time flies! it's now April and that means it's time for my first favourites of the month posts! These might not be every month but when I find myself liking some products in particular I will definitely be doing one. So, these are the things I've been loving in March with a mini review of each :)

Soap & Glory Whipped Clean - I wasn't a big fan of this when I first bought it last November-ish time and at the start of the month I started to try to use it up but, whoops, I became a fan of it. I prefer the smell when I'm out of the shower and it makes me feel soft and I like to use it with smoothie star lotion from S&G as it's a very similar scent.

Figs & Rouge 'Rambling Rose' Lip balm - I ordered this when I had a cold because it's a multi purpose balm that can be used on anywhere dry (ie my sore nose) I've been absolutely loving this! The smell not so much it's just not for me but the wonders this does for dry lips (and noses) is amazing!

No7 Nail and Cuticle Cream - I've been way more into taking care of my nails and this has gotta be my favourite for doing so. I use it nearly everyday and I notice such a difference when I do. They don't break as easily and feel stronger & longer.

Nivea Soft Moisturiser - I have bad bad skin and I'm on tablets & a topical cream for it right now (will blog about it at some point) so my skin gets really dry and I've been using this. I've used so much but there's not a dent in it. It's not the *best* but it works at clearing the dry patches up pretty good.

 Victoria's Secret 'Love Spell' Lotion - I got this in a gift set October '11 when my nan bought me it back from America, being the USA obsessive I am I didn't want to use lots and finish it but now there's two VS's in London so I can get another, I've used it loads. It smells like peaches and is devineee! *sniffs arm*



  1. Ooo I might have to try the Love Spell Lotion ... just for the name ;)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  2. I would love to try some Soap & Glory products! I see that brand featured on almost every beauty blog from the UK, so I'll have to check them out.


    1. Definitely! They're one of my favourite brands x

  3. Hi, I came across your blog from #bbloggers blog hop! I'm looking forward to reading more posts :)

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo