Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Favourite Nail Care Products

The last few months I've been much more into taking care of my nails to keep them in as best condition as possible because I've found myself changing my nail polish more regularly than I used to which is strange because I could go two weeks with horrendously chipped nails but not take it off because I was so lazy/busy and now I find myself changing the colour every 3-4 days! Anyway, the point of this post is to show you what nail care products I use as I really like them and would definitely recommend them.

Tools: I usually always give my nails a little file to keep them neat. I really want to get a glass file as I heard they are much better for your nails. I also use a cuticle pusher - I prefer ones with rubber tips than wooden ones as they are much softer on the nail.

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover: I got this from Fragrance Direct and I don't believe it's sold in the UK. On first use I wasn't wowed but after using it for a while it makes my cuticles so soft in 15 secs and it makes pushing my cuticles back so much quicker and easier.

Cuticle Creams: I like the Burt's bee's one if I feel my nails are particularly parched as it's really nourishing and thick. My favourite would have to be the No7 'Nourishing Nail & Cuticle care' one though as it's lightweight and sinks in quickly. It's amazing and you don't need much either, I've been using mine regularly for about 5 months and I'm only about 1/2 down.

Base Coat: Rimmel 5 in 1 is a new buy but I'm really enjoying it so far. I use as a base coat but it can also be a topcoat and it's a 'total care' product too so helps your nails grow, be strong etc. It dries fast and I feel it gives a good foundation for my nail polish.

Top Coat: Oh, Seche Vite! I got this at the same time as the rimmel one and it's love! I totally get why people rave about it. This dries so fast which is a godsend if you are like me and cannot sit and wait for you nails to dry. The glossy shine it gives is like no other and always leaves my nails looking professionally done!


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  1. I absolutely love the Burt's Bees lemon cuticle rub. I have Seche Vite, it's amazing at quick drying nail polish, but not really impressed with the longevity. I found that it made my polish peel off after a couple of days xx