Monday, 6 May 2013


I mentioned in a previous post that I've decided to do these nails of the week posts hopefully every Sunday (which they will be after this one! Sorry haha!) to showcase the polishes I've worn that week as I've found myself changing the colour regularly. I need to remember to take a picture of every one I wear which I didn't last week so the first two are from the week before, oops!

♥Models Own Strawberry Tart £5♥
I looove this lots! It's my perfect milky pink which looks so cute and girly

♥Models Own Bubblegum £5♥
 I got this for free in an offer last summer and only recently wore it. I like it so much more than I thought! It's such a bright neon pink which I think is matte, but I used a top coast so it's glossy. I will be wearing this lots throughout Summer for sure!

♥Sinful Colors Mint Apple £1.99♥
I got this last weekend and it's a beautiful Spring colour. It's not your typical pastel mint green, it's darker as you can see so not exactly 'mint' but a lovely green all the same with some shimmer which isn't really noticeable.