Friday, 23 May 2014

Coral Nail Obsession

Hello Everyone!
Summer is fast approaching (I can't believe next month is June!) and with that comes bright colours! Let's just say I'm a little more adventurous with colour on my nails rather than in clothes but I have began adding some colourful pieces of clothing to my wardrobe for summer! One colour I'm really loving at the moment is coral/orange and have acquired quite a few items of clothes (including my new jacket which I love!) and nail polish. Prior to March I didn't own any coral would you believe, and now I have four! They're not all exactly coral, but they are all in the orange colour family so I went with coral for the ease of the post title haha.
Here are the current four I own! 
L-R - Cute as a button, Bouquet, Terracotta, Sunday Funday
L-R: Cute as a button, Bouquet, Terracotta, Sunday Funday
Essie 'Cute as a button' - This one is the perfect mix of pink and orange, resulting in this bright-yet-not-neon shade. If there's one out of this lot you need, it's this one! I've already talked about this in my top products for March so you can read that *here* if you'd like to know more
Dior 'Bouquet' - I really don't own anything like this, it's a beautiful light peachy orange shade which, once again, I've talked about in it's own review which you can read *here*
Orly 'Terracotta' - This is a newbie. I ordered this along with another shade (NOTD coming soon with it!) from Fragrance Direct for the bargain price of £2.99! Considering this is a brand you'll often seen among the likes of OPI, I was very happy to say the least!  This is definitely not terracotta, it's a bright orange which has some strong red undertones. Perfect if you want a super bright shade.
Essie 'Sunday Funday' - I'd describe this as a pretty much straight up orange with has some peachy tones going on to keep it from looking 'neon'. This one contains very subtle silver shimmer which is perfect for the summer as it looks lovely and shimmery in the sun! When I got this along with Cute as a button, I thought they were really similar but that's couldn't be further from the truth!

I really wish my camera would pick up them up true to colour, it's always a problem when photographing nail polish I find, very annoying, so I definitely recommend you check them out in person to see exactly what they look like!
Have you been loving any particular colours recently?


  1. Such pretty colours!! I love 'Cute As A Button'!! Lovely choices x

  2. They're all such gorgeous shades! I especially love Bouquet and Sunday Funday :)
    Elise -

  3. Oooh, I love the Dior shade, so pretty! I always crack out a few lilacs and mint greens/blues for the summer :) xx

  4. All of these shades are so pretty! Cute as a button has to be my favourite

    Bella x