Friday, 9 May 2014

Astral All Over Moisturiser

Hi Everyone! I have been super MIA over on here and all my social media and unfortunately that won't change for a while as I am currently doing my GCSE exams! I've had four already and since I had a morning one today I thought I would type up this post and schedule a few more while I have a little more time than usual!
A few weeks ago I was asked to try out Astral cream, which surprisingly I had never even heard of before. The benefits all sounded really great so I was eager to try this out! I've been using this for the past few weeks and I'm now ready to report back what I thought of it!

Upon first hearing about Astral, I thought it would be just like any other cream on the market but after trying it out I've been pleasantly surprised. First off, the consistency is really lovely, hopefully you can see in the second picture how it has a sort of whipped mousse look to it and it feels really thick and creamy. I mainly used this as an all over body moisturiser as although it can be used on the face, I just know it would be much to heavy for my skin type. If you do have dry or dehydrated skin though, this would work great. I focused using this everyday on drier areas such as my knees and elbows and by the end of the week they were extremely soft. Due to the thick consistency it penetrated through the skin leaving them really smooth in the morning.
It can actually be used as a lip balm too, which I tried out and it wasn't as bad as I expected. It did feel quite weird but it was pretty moisturising but I think I will just stick to this for the body haha! Astral is available in a variety of sizes and I have the 50ml tub which I keep in my desk draw. It's the perfect small size to keep in your bag or at work so you can use it on the go. There's also a 200ml and 500ml so you can keep stocked up at home.
This has become one of my go to moisturisers the past month, the only downside for me is the smell which isn't necessarily off putting but it's quite strong so bare that in mind if you don't like strongly scented things (especially if you wanted to use it on your face!) However, Astral must be doing something right as the formula hasn't changed from when it was first created in the 1950's!
Have you tried Astral before?

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