Sunday, 2 March 2014

Top Products | February

I've done it! Another favourites post! So it may be only my second this year but I don't think I've ever had two or more consecutive months before. I've only got five products to share but I feel like February has just gone so fast! Well, it is the shortest month, but not by a lot!
Soap and Glory 'The Daily Smooth' Body Buttter £9: I use lotion every single night and this one is quite thick so sinks in overnight leaving me super soft in the morning. I've had this ages and have rarely used it and I'm not sure why? It feels lovely and the scent, although I prefer the 'original pink' S&G scent, makes a nice change as it is scented with 'mist you madly'.
The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel £4: At the end of January I won some Honeymania products from Angelica's blog giveaway. I have a full review of everything coming soon, but I've used the shower gel a lot the past couple of weeks. The scent is delicious, smelling of yummy honey but not at all sickly and it foams up well and you only need a tiny amount (as you can see from the bottle which looks barely used!)
Dermalogic Clear Start Foaming Wash £13: I needed a new cleanser so decided to try this as I put it on my recent Wishlist in January. So far, I really like this. It has a gel-like consistency and my face feels really clean. I think it has cleared my skin a bit and it definitely looks less oily! I also got another product from the range, a full review once I've used them more will be up soon.
Dior Addict Lip Glow Colour Reviving Balm £22.50: This was quite an impulse purchase but I'm so glad I bought it! It is sort of a lip balm, but it 'revives' your lip colour, leaving them looking really healthy! It adjusts to your natural lip colour, but better. Once again, full review to follow!
OPI 'I Theodora You' £11.95: I used this in January too, but this month I painted my nails with this and when it got chipped and I removed it, I re painted my nails with this, which rarely happens. This is the perfect light pink, which is milky and doesn't have any 'bright' tones which I really don't like in pastel shades. I just love this soo much!

I think I've been bitten by the blogging bug lately as I seem to want to post about so many things. I am going to try and post around three times a week from now on and hopefully that will actually follow through! Also, it's my birthday on Tuesday and I wanted to know if you would like to see a 'birthday haul' style post or not? Let me know!
What have you loved in February?


  1. I love the colour of the OPI polish, it's very pretty. Yes, would definitely love to see a birthday haul post : )
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  2. OPI are the best nailpolishes! love this shade X

  3. That nail polish is gorge! Love the name too! xoxo

  4. I really want to try Dermalogica. I haven't seen many people mention them on their blogs but I know they're supposed to be a really good skincare brand. One of my friends insists on using Dermalogica above all else.

  5. great choices! love the opi nail polish very pretty colour ;)
    Melissa x

  6. That nail polish looks like a gorgeous shade! Great post :) x
    Elise -

  7. Love your blogs style, its so pretty! I have the soap and glory body butter but keep forgetting to use it, silly me x