Wednesday, 26 February 2014

5 things to be happy about

My giveaway prizes from Hayley arriving this week. A gorgeous new mac lipstick and eyeshadow along with a lovely card.
My dog, Pixie, waking up with her tongue out (and it stayed like that for ages haha)
Finding out I got an A* on my Biology end of unit test today
My nails - yes really. I love the colour they are right now, it's now chipped though :(
My birthday being next week and getting the day off school! My birthday is next Tuesday (4th March) and luckily, at school we have this thing a few times a year where you meet with your tutor for 10 minutes but other than that you are off. 1) This year it falls on my birthday, yippee! 2) I managed to get an appointment on the day before after school, so I don't even have to go in at all.
Sometimes it's nice to sit back and appreciate the little things which can often be overlooked. Sometimes I think negatively about a lot of things that happen, so I'm hoping to do more posts like these in the future, appreciating a handful of things that have made me smile and that I'm happy about.



  1. I totally agree - sometimes the little things in life are the best! Happy Birthday for next week. Also your dog is so sweet :) xx

  2. Your dog is so cute and I hope you have a great birthday!
    Your blog is really cute aswell - I love it!

    From Jess xx - a new follower

  3. Great post. I always try and appreciate the smaller things in life, as they will eventually add up to a big thing :) Wendy xx
    Scottish Wendy | Wendy's World

  4. Happy Birthday for the 4th, have a great day. The little things in life are so great :)

    What A Little Pickle