Friday, 10 May 2013

Review: ELF Luscious Liquid Lipsticks

You may recall me showing three of the luscious liquid lipsticks in my ELF haul a while back. Today I have swatches and my thoughts on them to share!
The three shades I got were Baby Lips, Raspberry and Pink Lemonade as they all looked very wearable and were only £1.50. They come in a twist up plastic tube with a slanted furry feeling applicator. They have a slightly minty scent which is quite strong but I've found you can't really taste it.
Baby Lips


Pink Lemonade

Top to Bottom: Raspberry, Pink Lemonade, Baby Lips
Raspberry is the most pigmented of the three being quite a vibrant pink red. Pink Lemonade is a medium pink with some slight gold shimmer. Baby lips is a pure creme nude pink. Even though these are marketed as a 'liquid lipstick' I would say these are more like glosses due to the consistency and pigmentation. In my opinion they aren't as pigmented as they should be if they are meant to be liquid lipsticks, this makes me think of insane pigmentation like rimmel apocolips which these are not. They are not sticky though and give a nice glossy shine with some colour.

Overall, yes I would recommend these. Obviously they are not going to be the best for £1.50 but they are really, really good for their price. If you are making an ELF order soon definitely try one out.



  1. Pink Lemonade and Baby Lips looks so nice. I've seen them a few times on the ELF website, so I'm glad you reviewed them and showed swatches.

    Lucy x

    1. Lovely aren't they? Thanks, let me know if you get any :) x

  2. I keep debating whether or not to place another elf order because I haven't really 'got on' with their products in the past. The problem is, I keep seeing such lovely looking products on other blogs! Decisions, decisions ...

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Admittedly ELF is very hit and miss with their products, thankfully these were quite a good pick x