Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sinful Colors hits the UK!

Hello :)

So, I've heard of Sinful Colors before. It's a US brand which is very cheap but good quality or so I have heard from American youtubers/bloggers. I always wanted to try some but obviously they were not available...until recently!

I was queueing in Boots (Westfields branch) when I spotted a stand with Sinful Colors polishes on, I couldn't believe it! I left Boots but before we left the centre I popped back because c'mon I needed some! Also, I thought the prices would of inflated a little but you know how much these were? £1.99! Incredibly cheap.

L-R: Let Me Go, Nail Junkie
The two colours I got were 'Let Me Go' which is a shimmery metallic lilac & sea foam green which reminds me of mermaids and 'Nail Junkie' which is a green, blue and what looks like yellow glitter polish. Both are unlike any other shades I have so thought I would go for something different. 

I had a play with Let Me Go over a pale blue and it took a while to dry and was a little tacky to touch but it was probably down to how many coats I put on with both colours combined! They had so many colours available and it looked like they had their Spring/Summer collection available too which had a mix of pastels and brights. I definitely want to try more so don't be surprised if you see another sinful colors post :)

Overall, these are a steal at £1.99 especially with the range of shades and formula's available. I'm unsure how many Boots these are in at the moment but if you see them definitely try them out!



  1. I have just tried sinful colors and i love the brand already :)

    im following u ;)

    1. Yes I really like them, they are so pretty! Thanks for the follow x