Sunday, 22 June 2014

Lush 'Granny Takes a Dip' Bath Bomb

I definitely see baths as more of a 'Winter' thing, as personally, I much prefer having one when it's dark outside and have candles burning, I find it far more relaxing! However I still like to have bath bombs during Summer, mainly to use the copious amounts of bath products I have! However, I've realised I just cannot have them at the usual temperature I have them. Let's just say, I had a face mask on and it was actually dripping off, not a great thought. It felt more like torture than something to do to unwind! Luckily, I learnt from my mistake and had a far more relaxing one, helped by the fact I used this lovely bath bomb!
This is quite big for a bath bomb as they are usually a sphere whereas this is flat. As it's big, it takes a while to dissolve which personally I like as it means the swirly colours stay in the bath for longer while you're in it, it's not like some that fizz away really fast not leaving much. As you can see from the (many) pictures above, all the colours begin to spread out, resulting in the bath having a light pink base with splashes of bright, swirly colour. The scent is very unique, I definitely agree with what lush says it smells like, it is citrus-y but quite a warm citrus. I really enjoyed using Granny Takes a Dip and I would definitely repurchase this as it's definitely one of the most colourful bath bombs I've used!


  1. This is so so pretty. I really need to check out Lush's latest bath bomb offerings but like you I do prefer baths in the winter. xx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

    1. I definitely have them more in Winter but the occasional one in Summer is alright! It's good to see a new product out as around this time there are no collections or anything out! :) x

  2. This sounds like an amazing bath bomb, going to have to try it out!

  3. This looks uh-mazing, Lush is my weakness haha. I've recently become a bath person and I'm pretty sure it's all Lush's fault... (:

  4. I am definitely going to get one of these when I go to Lush x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  5. Such a colourful bath bomb!