Monday, 27 January 2014

Wishlist #1

Hello everyone!
So I mentioned at the beginning of the month I would be going on a spending ban and well, it hasn't exactly gone to plan (oops) but I haven't actually bought that much so that's OK. I do however plan to buy hardly any beauty products (as in, only things I really really want not just for the sake of oh that looks nice, I'll get it buys!) for the next couple of months as 1) my birthday is at the start of March, so anything I want I can ask for, for my birthday and 2) I'm trying to save my money as I will hopefully be going to Florida in the Summer so I want to have as much spending money as possible! So, I thought I'd compile a little wishlist of things I really am wanting at the moment! There's not loads I do want, but these items are top of the list :)

Dermalogica Clear Start Set - After reading a post on this set from dermalogica today on Mia's blog I want to try it even more. I have really bad skin and have heard a lot about this range previously so I think I will definitely be trying this soon. It's just over £20 for 5 small sized products so it seems like it would be good value.

Origins Checks and Balance Face Wash - Another skincare item I have only recently been intrigued by is the Origins 'Checks and Balances' face wash. I like Origins (my HG moisturiser is origins gin zing) and I would like to try a cleanser at some point. Many people have said this works great and it has really good reviews too.

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Balm - This is currently the lip balm I am desperate to try. I've seen numerous reviews and I really wanted this for Christmas but it was out of stock everywhere! I'm making it my mission to track this down!

Essie 'Marshmallow' - White nails are quite love it or hate it. I think I love it but I really want to get a more sheer, but still opaque, white to try which isn't too stark as no one wants tippex nails! This isn't from the diffusion line so it's hard to come by but I would like to try this, or any other sheer-ish white polish.

Korres Lip Butter - I've wanted a korres lip butter for agess but I've never bought one! I'm not sure what shade to go for but since these have become available at Debenhams recently I think I need to go and look at them...

Macadamia Luxe Travel Set - After getting my hair cut two weeks ago, I really want to keep it in great condition. I'm not a big hair products person but recently tried, and fell in love, with Moroccan Oil. Macadamia Oil is another much raved about brand and seeing as this travel size kit contains six products I think I will give it a go. I'm most eager to try the deep repair mask!

Butter London 'Knackered' - Would you believe I've never tried Butter London? I really want to and the colour which has caught my eye the most is Knackered! It's a shimmery/glittery shade which is just amazing! search some pictures of it to see it in all it's glory.

I'm trying to hold back from buying any of these items but not sure how long I will last, luckily as I said before my birthday is not far off so I can definitely hold off until then! Hope you have enjoyed my little wish list, I'm not sure how interesting they are to read but I like reading them and as they won't be a regular feature, I thought why not :)

What's on your wishlist at the moment?



  1. I'd go for the Korres lip butter in rose but the stick version. You get a better pigmentation off the sticks then the tubs. I'm on my second stick of rose its my go to lip product for a while now :) x

  2. That Korres lip butter looks amazing, I'll have to buy one! x


  3. That butter london polish looks gorgeous! I have been lusting over the korres lip butters for ever, I might have to bite the bullet and buy one!