Monday, 7 April 2014

Top Products | March & Update

Hello everyone!
It seems like ages ago since I lasted blogged and it actually was a really long time ago! The reason being is because for the past two weeks I was working every single day, from when I got home from school up until before bed on my performing arts exam. I was doing costume and let me tell you, it was an extremely stressful and time consuming job! Luckily the final examined show was on Thursday evening and now it's the Easter holidays! I do have a lot of revision to do over these next two weeks but I am planning to schedule posts so I won't be absent on here for too long again!
With that aside, this evening I'm bringing you my (belated!) top products for March! Here is what I've been using and loving for the past month...

Victoria's Secret Sheer Love lotion - The scent of this is 'White cotton and pink lily' and although it wouldn't be a scent I would usually go for, I picked this up in a set during the sales this year and I really like it! It smells really fresh and has a nice light formula too.

Garnier Ultimate blends 'the shine revitaliser' shampoo - I think this is a new shampoo range from Garnier and I got this as I was out of shampoo and this was half price. I'm happy I did though as it leaves my hair feeling really, really clean! It has a citrus scent which lingers, which is always a plus!

Treacle Moon 'Ice cream soda' shower gel - I've had this for a while but this has been the only shower gel I've been using! It has a delicious creamy vanilla scent which is unlike any other vanilla scented products I've smelt/used before. You only need a small amount and it has a creamy lather which isn't drying.

Dermalogica Clear Start Toner - My skin went a bit crazy last month so I made the effort to use this toner everyday. When I first bought this (along with the cleanser) I wasn't overly impressed, it didn't seem special! However with regular use I've noticed a big difference! My skin is still awful (that's acne for you!) but looks a lot clearer, brighter and a lot less red.

Essie 'Cute as a button' - Summer in a bottle! I got this shade for my birthday and worn it a couple of times the past month, in fact I'm currently wearing it now! It's the perfect mix between a bright pink and a coral and I think this will look amazing with a tan. If you're looking for the perfect summer colour, definitely try this!

Seche Vite Topcoat - Ahh, seche vite. This was in my 2013 favourites and I finished my bottle. Other topcoats I have been using have just not compared to this so I re purchased it last month. Makes my nails super shiny and drys extremely quickly, I'm really happy I've got this again!

What did you love throughout March?

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  1. I've loved Percy & reed hair products and love essie to: plus nails inc a bright coral colour:

    1. I've never tried Percy & Reed before! I don't have any brights from Nails Inc but it looks like they have some lovely ones.

  2. Totally agree with you about Seche Vite x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Lovely products you have picked!! I loved the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and Palmers Cocoa Butter:-) xx

  4. Aw, cute as a button is such a pretty colour! Love your picks.

  5. Cute as a Button is such a great color, I think I need a color like that in my life!

  6. That Essie shade is so so nice!! I'm after a lovely spring shade like that too....I might have to copy you there :)