Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Summer Stuff

Hey Everyone ♥
Today's post is a collaboration with Rachael A Is For Ayla and Alex from By Alex who are both lovely and make sure to go and check out their posts too! They have gorgeous blogs which I love reading and would definitely recommend you check them out! We decided to share some of our favourite things from this Summer!

♥ Favourite skin care product ♥
All throughout Summer I've been using Lush Angels on bare skin cleanser to wash my face. I've talked about my love for this before but seriously, if you are stuck with what cleanser you should go for get this! It's for every skin type and is the only cleanser I've ever used which after using it my skin doesn't feel tight or dry. It is hands down the best I've used and has kept my face looking radiant and feeling soft all Summer long and I'm planning on re purchasing on Thursday.
♥ Favourite body product ♥
I've been using Sweet Lemon shower gel from The Body Shop pretty much daily and it is such an awakening scent (perfect for waking me up since I've been having many late nights) and just reminds me of Summertime and being outdoors. You only need a small amount as a little goes a long way as you can see from the amount I have left.
♥ Favourite hair product ♥
My hair is really thick and I usually wear my hair in a ponytail so I like to use this as it instantly makes my hair much sleeker looking and tames all the frizz. You literally need half a pump - 1 pump and your good to go so this will last ages and it's something that's make life lots easier in the humidity.
♥ Favourite face product ♥
I don't wear base makeup really but when I do I love to use MAC MSF natural. This kind of magically blurs the blemishes and redness on my face and keeps me shine free all day. This isn't cakey on me or heavy which is why I love it but you can build this up for a heavier coverage too.
♥ Other makeup product ♥
This Summer Clinique chubby sticks have been something I've loved using. They are fuss free, lightweight and easy to work with. I have six but my favourite is Super Strawberry, a perfect everyday natural colour. It comes everywhere with me!
♥ Favourite nail polish ♥
The nail polish I've had on my nails the majority of Summer has been Barry M Gelly in Greenberry which is from their Summer collection. It's such a lovely vibrant green and I haven't seen any colours like it before. I've been loving glossy nails too and the high shine finish is amazing.
♥ Favourite outfit ♥

Okay so I only realised this was round the wrong way now and it's really annoying me but oh well. I've never photographed clothes before so I'm aware it looks really stupid! Anyway, this outfit I've had just worn and worn all Summer long. It consists of that Topshop skater skirt everyone seems to have and even though I never ever buy clothes from the 'hype' and because their 'in' (Geek/Dork t shirts etc I'm looking at you) I love the material of this skirt and the style. It's the only skater skirt I own and the lighter wash denim look is different for me as I usually only wear dark wash. I've worn it with this t shirt from Henry Holland, I love Henry Holland! It's so cute and has a bunny on it with daisies and the middle bit is glitter, so cute!
♥ Favourite moment/moments ♥
It feels like ages since I've been in School as the last two weeks of term was work experience so by the end of Summer I would have been off 8 weeks! During that time I've been on some great day outs such as going to Cadbury World last week and a couple of theme parks. I've also enjoyed just being out in the garden with the sun streaming down, it makes me happy :)
♥ Something I am looking forward to ♥
For the rest of the Summer I don't have much planned but I am going to the Harry Potter studio tour tomorrow and to Westfield on Thursday with my dad :) In general though I am so excited for Autumn! I am seriously getting excited about the thought of being snuggled up in a onesie with hot chocolate on a cold evening! Also I'm looking forward to blogging lots and lots more as I love it and have many exciting posts lined up!

I'd love to know some of your favourite Summer products or things you have enjoyed doing this Summer!



  1. I love aussie products! And that tshirt is really cute :) <3


    1. I haven't tried many but want to try more & I know it's so adorable haha x

  2. So many nice products! Aussie is my fave, love that skirt and tee too!


  3. Cute post! I adore that outfit, SO CUTE!

    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog

  4. This post is so cute! Idk why but I had a smile on my face reading through it (:

    bohorush.blogspot.com xx

  5. Love the products!


  6. What a great post!! Love the denim skirt. The MAC powder is so great! :)

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  7. I adore that rabbit tshirt how cute <3<3 some fantastic products as well I'll have to add some to my to try list :)

    Thank you for link up with the I Love My Post Blog Hop

    Life in a Break Down

    1. It is really lovely isn't it :) Definitely, they are all great! & no problem :) x

  8. MAC MSF natural is one of my favourite powders, it's so good. Love the look of the rabbit t shirt, it's so cute! x

    1. It is! Makes my skin look a lot nicer somehow haha. Yeah I love it :)